TCPP offers its clients all facets of the thermal spraying processes from feasibility studies with trials to production contract services. This includes the development of new coatings and applications ; some of them are displayed in the following.



Coatings in Cylinder bores

The system comprises a rotating two wires arc spray torch. One application is coating engine blocks cylinder bores for the automotive industry. This application is patented.

The advantages of the process are :

> Easy on line integration
> Quick manufacturing of the coating
> Large choice of material to be sprayed




The pilot developed by TCPP to coat on line engine block cylinder bores



Decoration and architecture


The process developed and patented by TCPP consists in thermal spraying a metallic coating onto a substrate made of concrete, traditional ceramic (cooked earth) or wood. Various colours and metallic aspects like copper, brass, aluminium, zinc can be realised on the surfaces to render them a new aesthetic. In a second stage coatings can be "brushed" or polished to render them shine. The metallic coating applied onto concrete slabs offers the advantage to protect it against contamination and acid rains. The architectural applications are multiples and include civil engineering works, buildings as well as urban furnitures.




Copper and zinc coatings on oak tree                


Copper coating performed by TCPP on the fronts of a building



Coatings and melted metals

In the case of low melting alloys (aluminium, zamac, ...) coatings developed by TCPP permit to increase the life time of tools (casting ladles, ...) and certain times to avoid poteying.

Casting ladles and different equipment coated with TCM82 coating



Copper coatings on threads

For avoiding seizing on pipes (for example used in the oil industry) TCPP has developed a cooper based coating TCM12. The coating manufacturing is environmental friendly and quick. The coatings are applied on threads at the exit of pipes to be screwed. The coating is gas prooved.

Oil industry pipes thread coated with copper based coating TCM12



Coatings on plastics


Some applications using thermal spray coatings on plastic substrates are used today. Most of these coatings are based on zinc and aluminium, which are mainly used for EM shielding and electrical conductivity where mechanical properties of the coating are not of prime importance.

The use of reinforced plastics is an attractive option over metals in some components because of the good strength to weight ratio. The disadvantage is the poor surface properties.

Applications that need thermal spray coatings with good mechanical properties for resistance to wear for example are few, because of the difficulty in getting adequate bond strength between plastic substrate and coating. Recent development work has indicated promise for engineering type thermal spray coatings on fibre reinforced polymers. Careful selection of material combinations and the use of special process parameters has produced relatively thick coatings in metals, ceramics and carbides which can be machined or ground.


Carbon fibre reinforced polymer tubes thermal spray coated with WC-8Co, NiCrBSi, Al2O3 and Al2O3-3TiO2

Micro-structure of carbon fibre reinforced polymer plasma sprayed with alumina


APPLICATION : thermal barrier coatings on plastic materials

The objective is increasing plastic component performance and reliability by protecting it against the effects of excessive heat and offering it new performance properties.

The benefits of thermal barrier coating applied onto a plastic substrate is illustrated by the following pictures which display the degradation of uncoated and coated plastic substrate in front of a burner flame during 35 seconds.


                                               left: coated right: uncoated


   Degradation of uncoated and coated plastic components 35 seconds in front of a burner flame



Plasma forming of complex shapes

High temperature complex shape ceramic components, such as tubes and crucibles, need excellent thermal shock properties - often difficult and expensive to achieve with normal methods. TCPP has overcome this hurdle by thermally spraying high purity powders to manufacture free-standing ceramic components of complex geometry with unique properties and the benefits of : 

> high thermal shock resistance

> low susceptibility to cracking

 > reliable volume manufacturing

 >  stress-free components

Ceramic plasma formed components



Ceramic coloured coatings

Alumina coatings are mainly used for dielectric properties or for abrasion wear applications. The coatings are white. In certain cases in addition to these properties, it can be interesting to add colour for aesthetic purposes. The addition of rare earths or pigments to starting alumina powders permits one to colour alumina coatings. Blue, green, pink, orange and yellow colours are now available. The alumina based coatings offer superior abrasion and erosion resistances over conventional paint.

It is possible to grave writing or motives on the top of the coatings.


Divers revêtements d'alumine colorés



Rugged coatings

For conveyance strip driving rolls or other industrial components requiring rugged surfaces, TCPP has developed a complete range of coatings with controlled roughness ; medium roughness can be fitted between 10 microns to more than 1 millimeter. Coatings exhibit also an excellent wear resistance.



Rugged coating on driving roll