Various collaborations with the industrial and academic fields allows us to be aware of all the researches performed on surfaces and new processes.


TCPP collaborates with :

> Limoges University (LMCTS Lab., ENSIL Limoges)

> Plasma and Thermal Coatings Ltd (Newport, UK)

> Flame Spray Technologies (Duiven, Netherland)

> Flame Spray Spa (Roncello, Italy)

> Thermal Spray Lab (Stony Brook, New York)

> E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute (Kiev, Ukraine)

> Thermal Spraying Committee of China Surface Engineering Association (Beijing, China)



TCPP acts as a distributor for France for the finish company OSEIR :

> SPRAYWATCH is a system for the measurement of velocities and temperatures in a stream



TCPP is an active member of   :


> CITRA (engineering centre for advanced surface treatments and coatings)

> Ceramic Enterprises Association

> CEC (European Centre for Ceramics)




References : PSA/Sogedac, SNECMA, SAINT GOBAIN


Research & Development programs :

> European programs

> National programs

> Internal programs


European program :

Craft program : "Development of a novel thermal spray process for the protection of components used in water treatment". Project n°BE-S2-5480

In collaboration with :

> Nottingham University (UK) 
> Politecnico de Torino (I)
> Caprari SpA (I)
> Metallisation Ltd (UK)
> Flametal SpA (I)
> Malbeth Ltd (UK)
> Adams Hydraulic Ltd (UK)
> The Reiss Engineering Co Ltd (UK) 
> Cogne Powder Srl (I)
> Caprari SpA (I)







National program :

> Development of composite coatings for friction

> Study and development of nano-structured coatings

In collaboration with ENSIL, Limoges University, CRT Plasma Laser, Ministry of Research, CEA, Mécachrome