Products and services are comprehensive and offer our clients all facets of the thermal spraying process from feasibility studies, trials or initial information, to production contract services, supply of turn key integrated equipment, robotics, materials and know-how. Operating well equipped thermal spraying facilities with experienced 'hands on' management, TCPP is leading the way for application development using the latest cutting edge thermally sprayed applied surface technology.


Coatings for the industry(click to open html files)

> Wear and friction

> Thermal properties

> Electrical and magnetic properties

> Corrosion protection and other application

> Bio-compatible coatings

> Polyurethan and polymer coatings


Integrating of equipment (click to open html files)

> Flame spraying

> Super-sonic (HVOF) spraying

> Plasma spraying

> Electric arc spraying

> Detonation gun

> Automatized systems

> Spray booths and dust collectors

> Powder feeders

> Training


Others works performed in TCPP(click to open html files)

> Electro-plating with a brush

> Testing of materials at high temperatures

> Material melting with transferred arc

> Study and manufacturing of composite coated powders

> Spheroidisation or synthesis of powders with an HF plasma

> Material characterisation